About Enke Life

Enke's vision is built upon three key principles we hold our products to: value, quality, and experience. That’s why our products are manufactured to the highest standards with considerable efforts to appeal to the tech savvy user with an affinity for minimalist design.

Our flagship product, Nomad, is the solution to the overwhelming selection of toothbrushes on the market. With the Nomad we have taken the traditional sonic toothbrush and turned it on its head. Traveling shouldn’t require a toothbrush change at every check-in, and Nomad was created for anyone that refuses to let travel preparations disrupt their lives. This premium electronic toothbrush is the solution for frequent jet-setters and the everyday brusher looking for an unparalleled cleaning.

Partners of Change

For every Nomad toothbrush that is purchased, Enke donates a pair of biodegradable toothbrush to the Uwakah Memorial Medical Foundation, whose goal is to improve the standards of clinics in rural Africa.


To learn more about UMMF please visit: http://www.uwakahmmf.org.


Enjoy your travels with Enke. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!